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English - CV

...english curriculum for Lenka Kosková-Třísková


  • Technical university in Liberec, PhD study has started in 2010, thesis: Automatic detection of anomalies in geophysical mapping.

  • Czech technical univeristy, Faculty of Electrical Engineering study specialized in Electronics finished in 2001 with distinction; diploma thesis The metods of speech coding included implementation, tests and modifications of the ADPCM CCITT G.727 algorithm.


  • Technical university in Liberec, 2006 - now: teacher, lectures Formal languages and grammars, Operational systems and Computational complexity theory (The Faculty of mechatronics, Departement of applied informatics).

  • Centrum Kašpar, 2005 - 2010: author and manager of a project Training and counselling center Kaspar. The project is supported by the European social fund. Work description:

    • financial project management;

    • leader of the team, project propagation, manager of the training center;

    • author of all the IT training programs, teacher.

    Note: Due to activities at Technical university I have abandoned all the official roles in the organisation, but I still remain here in non-formal counceling position.

  • freelance, 2005 - 2008, work description:

    • consultant, analyst and programmer (references: Škoda Auto a. s. - analysis for the MMI develpoment, Hood - requirements management, technical documentation processing

    • journalist: Click!, Copmuterworld

    • translator: ComputerPress.

  • e4t, electronics for transportation, 2003-2004

    SW specialist, e4t - Electronics for transportation dedicated for projects in Skoda Auto

    job description:

    • design and realization support for project ultra low 1 DIN radio

    • design, realization and administration of the HMIS system, a system for the multimedia devices functional simulation

    • design and deployment of the systematical functional testing methodic

    • state analysis and modeling of multimedia devices developed by Skoda Auto

    • deployment and support for the DOORS system

  • STMicroelectronics, 2002-2003, job description: design and development of the software dedicated to digital car radio, design and implementation of the reference software package for the TDA7505 device (the Motorola 56k compatible dual core DSP device), device prototype tests, cooperation with the key customers from Japan and Germany, design and implementation of the documentation solution based on the XML/DocBook technology.

  • Softwarové noviny, 1999-2002, editor of the Czech monthly magazine focused on ICT; from 2001 the head of Software and Technology sections

    job description: software reviews and tests, content planning, comunication and cooperation with team of external authors, reporting from professional conferencies and significant events, author of articles and other texts

Children and Media

  • 2006 till 2010, Svěžíma očima - „Using the fresh eyes“ - a competitive presentation of audiovisual (TV) production created by children and youth, author of the project and project manager. In 2010 I have passed the festival on my younger followers.

  • 2003 till 2007, cooperation with the Children's television Liberec

  • 2003-2004, co-founder and member of the board of directors in the JuniorMedia Society, o. p. s.

  • 2002-2004, help with the realization of the project called Children and Media, text editor, webmaster for the project

  • 2002-2004, webmaster and editor in chief for the project www.juniorpress.cz

  • 1999-2001, co-founder and editor in chief for the Kid's Television Praha Vyšehrad


  • Internet - fist step of a czech user, co-author, Grada Publishing 1998, third rewritten edition 2001

  • Batch processing in 95/98/NT with JScript, Grada Publishing 1999

  • GNU tools for the webdesign, Grada Publishing 2000

  • Linux and KDE, translation, update and modification of the original for the czech users, Grada Publishing 2000

Other skills and knowledge

  • qualified as a medic for the summer and free time children activities

  • a diver with CMAS P** qualification

Free time and hobbies

If I have some free time, it is dedicated in following order to: family, yoga, bike, walking in the natrue, all the friends or to relaxation.

Autorkou tohoto webu je LenkaKT, alias Lenka Kosková-Třísková. Bádám a vyučuji na TU Liberec.

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